Cat Velez - 10th Apr 2015

Closely following the release of his highly anticipated and acclaimed album To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar's video for the funky, confrontational King Kunta keeps it local - presenting his home turf of Compton and its denizens in an ultra-fresh way.

Director X's video celebrates Kendrick's roots - and makes it cinematic despite (or possibly because of) its unusual square format. Very cool.

Watch 'Kendrick Lamar 'King Kunta' by Director X' here

PRO Credits


DirectorDirector X
ProducerJohn Lathan
Production CompanyDNA
Executive ProducerMissy Galandia
1st ADEv Salomon
Director of PhotographyIsaac Bauman
2nd ACMatt Taylor
2nd UnitDAPS
Production SupervisorAustin Barbera
Production CoordinatorEthan Cole
Production designerJuan Mabson
GafferPaul Monroe
WardrobeRasheeda Ameera
Director's Rep (UK)Luti Media
Director's Rep (US)Isaac Rice

Cat Velez - 10th Apr 2015

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