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The Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses' (lyric video) by Rok Predin

The Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses' (lyric video) by Rok Predin

David Knight - 9th Apr 2015

Some of the most enduring iconography associated with The Rolling Stones comes from their classic album Sticky Fingers: the Andy Warhol-designed cover of the bulging jean crotch shot – that originally came with working zip fly; and the Stones' famous lips logo, designed by John Pasche, also made its first appearance on that album.  

Now the team at Trunk Animation, led by director Rok Predin, have created a new lyric video for a previously unreleased acoustic version of Wild Horses, included on the special edition of Sticky Fingers coming out soon to celebrate its 45th anniversary. It follows Trunk's highly successful lyric video for Doom and Gloom (the most watched video on the Stones' YouTube channel). And elements of both the original album artwork, and additional work created for the new re-release, have contributed to the new video. 

Warhol's zip is the motif throughout the whole video. Not surprisingly, the Stones' lips also feature prominently - including as the fob on the zip, that reveals and obscures lyrics. And Trunk's Layla Atkinson, who developed the artwork for the video, used elements from the 100-page booklet that accompanies the new release, including its typeface. 

Created using Cinema 4D and After Effects, the team used the track's gentle feel to pace the video while certain lyrics suggested themes and movements. Photographs of the band were manipulated by the team and degraded in Photoshop, as was the typeface, to fit into the overall look and feel of the finished video.

“Some jobs are just very special and this was certainly one of them," says Rok Predin. "Although we had worked for the Stones before, working on an album that is so famous was ever so slightly intimidating! We knew we had to include a zip, which referenced Andy Warhol’s iconic artwork that was used for the original album cover, and the typeface from the new booklet that accompanies the re-release of the album. Other than that we were pretty much given a free hand.”

“While we love all the projects at Trunk it’s always nice to be asked by rock royalty to get involved with a release," adds producer Richard Barnett. "Layla, Rok and the team have done a great job. The track was originally a lullaby to Keith Richards’s son Marlon, and the tender pace of this video is far softer than the passionate pace of our previous Stones vid. So far it has been a very exciting time at Trunk with a big studio move just after finishing our Coldplay project, and now seeing in our new studio with a job for the Rolling Stones, it’s been a great start to the year!” 


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David Knight - 9th Apr 2015


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David Knight - 9th Apr 2015

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