Cat Velez - 25th Mar 2015

We're breaking from our usual code of music video exclusivity for this outstanding charity ad for FAD, or Foundation Against Drug Addiction, in Spain. It was submitted to us with the promise that it's "more like a music video than an ad and was made on a music-video budget." 

Directed by Marc Corominas and Lorena Medina out of Blur Producciones – and narrated in English so that it's important message could be disseminated to a wide audience online - this PSA plays out like an energising appeal to go get a life. It challenges the viewer to find their passion, to embolden themselves by working towards a goal, ultimately, to find a purpose.

The core belief of the ad boils down to when someone is busy building something ('construye' is 'build' in Spanish) this fortifies them against the hazards of falling into drug abuse. A positive and indisputable message that is delivered entertainingly through a fastmoving series of random vignettes - both live action and animated.


DirectorMarc Corominas
DirectorLorena Medina
Production CompanyBLUR Films
AgencyPublicis Spain
ProducerKate Jenner
Director of PhotographyOriel Vila
Art DirectorOian Arteta
EditorLucas Nolla

Cat Velez - 25th Mar 2015

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