Cat Velez - 16th Mar 2015

Dutch fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh, distinguished for their work with fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton and numerous videos for Lady Gaga, show their creative spark in their latest collabortion with icelandic non-conformist Björk. In their previous work with the songwriter, they shot highly iconic videos for 'Moon' off of Biophilia, and before that 'Hidden Place' off of the album Vespertine. Evocative and strange as ever, the latest visual feast for Lionsong from Björk's new record Vulnicura, goes hand in hand with the album cover, also shot by the duo. 

In the video -as well as on the cover- is staged Björk, somewhere between a religious effigy and a feral creature inspected under a microscope. Her black skintight bodysuit, feathered garment, and her legs -extended to unusual lengths in post- achieve the directors' vision, as they describe it: “...smooth like a spider waiting in her web and seductive like a Balinese dancer cast in bronze.” 

The album explores the breakup of her 14-year long relationship with artist Mathew Barney so it's no surprise that the work is heavy and pained. Perhaps the most surprising element is the depiction of Björk's heart laid bare: powerful and pulsating yet wounded like a crushed accordion gasping for air. 


DirectorInez & Vinoodh
ProducerStephanie Bargas
ProducerJeff Lepine
ProducerJon Barlow
Executive ProducerThe CollectiveShift
Location ManagerMarc Kroop
Lighting DesignerJodokus Driessen
TitlesM/M (Paris)
Other creditsDigital Technician: Brian Anderson

Cat Velez - 16th Mar 2015

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