Cat Velez - 10th Mar 2015

Dutch animators Job, Joris & Marieke have recently received an Oscar nomination for their animated short film A Single Life, and created the marvellous video for Happy Camper's The Daily Drumbeat last year - and now directed this video for Fedde Le Grand's Robotic. 

It's set in an engineer's workshop, where cold, unfeeling robotic parts, awoken by the metallic-sounding beats of the track, come together to do a delightfully jaunty little dance. Which suggests that the the future of robotics and technology is soulful and happy. That is, until they attack... 

It's another excellent work by Job, Joris & Marieke - although they're claiming they just came across the whole thing... 


"For the music video Robotic we were able to get our hands on unreleased footage of an unknown engineer who’s been working on self-learning modular robot parts.

"Black and white grainy footage shows how the modular robot parts come to life. In their test setting they start to work together, forming complicated shapes and starting to dance. Finally all parts reconfigure into one big and perfect robot which does what all evil robots do…

"No one has heard from the engineer ever since."


DirectorJob, Joris

Cat Velez - 10th Mar 2015

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