Cat Velez - 10th Mar 2015

In an interesting turn of events, Tom Hanks - America's favourite 80's/90's era A-lister who strikingly resembles your dad happily declaring that he knows what Instagram is - graces us with his lip-synced rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen's latest brain-crack I Really Like You. 

In the video directed Peter Glanz - whose background is in feature films and commercials for the likes Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs -  Hanks takes selfies with fans, gets right-swipes on Tinder, and breaks out into a Glee-style musical dance number with Jepsen before Justin Beiber materialises out of the crowd to dance along. No derision is intended through the dad-comparison however. Any cringe-inducing eagerness on Hank's part to 'be down with the kids' is overpowered by his trademark mix of nobility and affable good-naturedness.

Also considering that problem-ridden America scrambles to modernise its Good Ol' American Values by renewing it hope in celebrity father-figures (especially after the bleakness in the wake of the allegations against previously-adored Bill Cosby) Hanks's return to our screens through the widest dissemination of American cultural output can't be a bad thing... right? 


DirectorPeter Glanz
ProducerMari Geraci
Production CompanyA White Label Product
Director's RepresentationTommy Labuda
Director of PhotographyTodd Banahzl
Executive ProducerEllen Jacobson-Clarke
CommissionerMichelle An
LabelSchool Boy, Interscope

Cat Velez - 10th Mar 2015

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