Cat Velez - 4th Feb 2015

Interpol's new video for Everything Is Wrong, co-directed by frontman Paul Banks and Carlos Puga, spotlights the different members of the band as they walk through the streets of New York. 

Shot in tonally rich and moody black & white, we get introduced to the 'real' bandmembers on their separate journeys to a venue - and quickly note that in comparison to his colleagues, frontman Banks is no stand-up guy. Infinitely jaded (and accompanied by a bodyguard) he antagonises pedestrians, while the other guys are flirting with attractive ladies, happily eating ice-cream and just being far more cool.   

There's obviously a degree of self-deprecating humour aimed directly at the fanbase in portraying the usually dapper Interpol frontman as a total loser. But it's also about the music. Banks's acrimonious personality is amplified by the howl of lyrics throughout, making the video an effective depiction of his sombre state of his mind. The only respite from the misery: getting up on stage. 


DirectorPaul Banks
DirectorCarlos Puga
Director of PhotographyCarlos Veron
ProducerGrant Curatola
ProducerBrett Potters
ColouristSam Gursky
GraphicsGriffin Frazen

Cat Velez - 4th Feb 2015

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