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David Knight - 2nd Feb 2015

Keith Schofield used the morphing effects for his recent video for Bastille, and now Ewan Jones Morris has done something similar, and just as effective, for Vancouver outfit Dralms' first release Crushed Pleats - with more emphasis on the sheer wonder (and creepiness) of the transformations.

This starts with changing between a young man and woman, moving on to objects and mixing and matching body parts. Ewan says it was all achieved with "really good acting and reanimated olives", and he's currently working on a new film with regular partner Casey Raymond for Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams.     


DirectorEwan Jones Morris
EditorEwan Jones Morris
WardrobeApril Dalton
RunnerRhodri Brooks
Lead actorLowri Palfrey
Lead actorMark Newsome
LabelFull Time Hobby
CommissionerNigel Adams
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Sarah Jane Perez and Tom Swindell

David Knight - 2nd Feb 2015

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