Jimmy Brown - 20th Jan 2015

Producer/writer Harrison goes for a late night drive in Charlie Tyrell's cinematic piece for his new single You're Light - the follow-up to their successful video for Harrison's Akira

Beautifully shot and complimenting the atmospheric soundtrack, Tyrell captures the spirit of a city at night as Harrison dreams of a late-night swim with a group of pretty ladies...


"Scions Sessions reached out to me after they got Harrison on their roster for a project. It was mostly based on the success of Akira. Conceptually, the video is intended to be about the guy who stays in on a Saturday night to perfect his craft. I know that this is something Harry can relate to so it wasn't a major stretch for him.

"We shot for two days over the last warm nights of the summer – and Harry had only had his beginner's license for 48 hours. On top of that, the picture car was on loan from Scions district manager. It was a bit nerve-wracking at times but we were happy when it all worked out and we could return the keys of a scratch-free car.

"Harry's music is very filmic and we wanted to do something with a bit more of a narrative vs. something more conceptual like we did with Akira."

Watch 'Harrison 'You're Light' By Charlie Tyrell' here


DirectorCharlie Tyrell
Production CompanyBlue Ant Media
ProducerKevin Dempster
Executive ProducerBeyond Marketing
Production ManagerChristian Tyler
Director of PhotographyKyle Fowler
Art DirectorRomany Williams
EditorKyle Fowler
ColouristConor Fisher
Director's RepresentationDefunct Films
Grading companyAlter Ego
Production AssistantStacey Ottman
ClientScion Sessions
Special ThanksAUX, Biz Davis, Muttonhead Clothing, The City Of Toronto
LabelLast Gang / Jet Jam

Jimmy Brown - 20th Jan 2015

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