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Fractures 'It's Alright' by Matthew Chuang

David Knight - 3rd Oct 2014

Australian director Matthew Chuang travelled to Pripyat, Chernobyl - the site of the greatest nuclear reactor disaster the world has known - to shoot the video for Fractures' It's Alright.

It's a place where nature and decay have taken hold in a way arguably like nowhere else. And in this evocative piece, a man returning to the place he once called home, then abandoned and now ghostly, hoping to capture how it was and how it could have been.


"We shot in Pripyat, Chernobyl for three days in February 2014. Just myself, the actor and our guide. We arrived in Kiev just days after the violence stopped in Maidan, and the experience of witnessing the events in Independence Square shaped his approach.

"Radiation levels in Pripyat were safe for us to move around easily. Some of the buildings however were crumbling, there were a few places we decided were too dangerous to walk into. It’s a shame, there are only a few years left before these structures will fall apart. 

"It’s amazing how nature has found its own life amongst the ruins. At the Polissya Hotel, which is about 15 storeys high, theres a tree growing in the top level. Same with the Cultural Centre, there are trees growing everywhere inside the buildings.

"The people of Pripyat were really into education and culture. Within the city, there were 15 primary schools, 5 secondary schools and 1 technical college and also a school of the arts which focused on drama and music. The Cultural centre included sports facilities. They had two stadiums. Over 49,400 people called this place home once."

David Knight - 3rd Oct 2014


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Matthew Chuang
Production Company
The Director's Bureau
Executive Producer
Craig Griffin


Director of Photography
Matthew Chuang


Chloe Greeves


Lead actor
Hugh Marchant


Joe Capelo
Elodie Fouqueau


Fergus Hally


Director's Representation
The Director's Bureau

David Knight - 3rd Oct 2014

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