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SBTRKT ft Ezra Koenig 'New Dorp. New York' by Fons Schiedon

David Knight - 25th Sept 2014

This marvellous CGI animation by Fons Schiedon introduces the new SBTRKT album Wonder Where We Land, and the next incarnation of the SBTRKT persona - from the man behind the mask, to fully-fledged creature.

With Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig on vocals, New Dorp. New York is a cryptic lyrical tribute to the Big Apple, which Fons Schiedon has translated into a noirish, dreamlike version of the urban landscape, through which the SBTRKT creature moves, heading from 'New Dorp.' to New York.

And the creature undergoes a certain transformation through the video, as his confidence grows – from small and jumpy to large and dominant, as he establishes himself as top predator...


"SBTRKT is simply one of the most interesting artists I know of. I can try and fail to describe what it is about the music that is appealing and relevant to the video I made. But it really comes down to a feeling about something that, in the case of this track, exists somewhere in a odd parallel world. The music brings up that type of imagery. And then the rest of the story is to try to get that feeling across through a medium that requires very concrete, technical and skillful actions. That might be another similarity to the way SBTRKT's work comes into existence.

"Animation allows for complete control of a vision. Because the framework you create is mostly related to its own reality, and not to the photorealistic reality we all live in, the fantastical can naturally coexist with the mundane. That allows for a subjective view where a big creature in a cityscape is preoccupied by himself and his hunt, and where the human presence is merely suggested. To him of no importance, then to us, visually, also of no importance."

David Knight - 25th Sept 2014


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Fons Schiedon
Liene Berina
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ania Markham


Post production company


Director's Representation
Ania Markham @ Postpanic


Jamie-James Medina
Young Turks

Other credits

Senior 3D

Floris Vos

Character Animator

Max Stoehr

Character Rigger

Bas Hesen

Character Modeller

Alex Doss


Roman Van Der Haven, Fons Schiedon, Juri Agostinelli


Fons Schiedon, Floris Vos

Technical Supervision

Ivor Goldberg, Jeroen Aerts

David Knight - 25th Sept 2014

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