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Simple Minds 'Blindfolded' by Damien Reeves

Jimmy Brown - 15th Sept 2014

Simple Minds are back making new music in the spirit of their early electronica, and Damien Reeves' promo for Blindfolded is characterised by moving landscapes split mid-screen, captured on a train journey through Europe. It's a cool effect, and added to the constant motion perfectly compliments the trucking groove of the Minds' soundtrack.


"This video is all about discovery and rushing through our lives, not realising the strange beauty around us. The song feels industrial, feels like it is moving - that was the inspiration behind the video.

"Commissioned through Creative Commission, this was a fun idea that allows a complete manipulation of image to create a backdrop for the song. Literally putting the world on it's head. There were some weird and wonderful results, but I do recommend sitting back from your screen when watching it! It was important that there is enough variation, a progression and keeps you interested to the finish.

"It will be great to see if anyone can spot where certain parts of the video were filmed."

Jimmy Brown - 15th Sept 2014


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Damien Reeves
Production Company
Noisebox Films
Production Manager
Brian Hemingway


Didz Hammond
Quietus Management

Jimmy Brown - 15th Sept 2014

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