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De Lux 'It Works All The Time' by Nick Walker

Jimmy Brown - 22nd Apr 2014

Los Angeles alt-rockers De Lux team up with Nick Walker for this cool and funny animated promo for It Works All The Time. 

A Felix The Cat-type character whiles away the hours on death row recounting all the boozing, gambling, dealing, thieving, rucking and romping moments in his past life...


“The inspiration for this video came from my college sketch book. Since I can’t draw I always stuck to the the simple things - cats etc. I would draw a bunch of different cat characters and I was always interested in the idea of a cat on death row.

"When I heard the song I thought it had a juxaposition sonically and lyrically. It’s an upbeat tune but the lyrics flip flop between happiness and darkness… I knew the idea of a cat on death row could work in the same vain.” 

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Jimmy Brown - 22nd Apr 2014


  • Animation
  • Mature - NSFW
  • Narrative
  • Promos
  • Alt-rock

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Nick Walker
Production Company


Nadia Hernandez


Art Direction
Virgin Birth Studios
Erick Calderon

Jimmy Brown - 22nd Apr 2014

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