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Ella Henderson 'Ghost (Switch Remix) by Jem Talbot

Jimmy Brown - 14th Apr 2014

Signed to Columbia for the US and Syco for the UK, XFactor 2012 favourite Ella Henderson turns to Jem Talbot for the promo to her debut single Ghost (Switch Remix) - penned by popchart supremo Ryan Tedder.

As part of a lengthy campaign, Jem's promo, set in an empty house and featuring actress Samara Zwain, was released to fans via a series of Vines, Instagram videos, Snapchat videos and Youtube clips, before eventually hitting Ella’s Vevo channel. Fans were encouraged to create the video themselves by ripping the elements from the various apps.


"What really drew me to the Ella Henderson brief was the innovative and ambitious concept of integrating the video on social platforms. The label wanted to release various parts of the song via Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat in a trail that fans could piece together quickly, before it disappeared.

"I immediately knew I wanted to make something on memory and all its pitfalls. I wanted to explore memory's subjective and temporary nature, but also, how we remember and re-apply in an attempt to understand. For me, there is an instant connection to be made with that and the spectral and transient nature of the digital world.

"Our ghostly location allowed Samara to physically explore her memory and use it as her playground. The abstract world we created around her was very much indebted to the work of Gregory Crewdson and Tim Walker and captured expertly by the DP and Art Director. It allowed the overlapping signs and symbols in the two narratives to be superimposed on one another, and slowly, their original meaning was recontextualised through the act of remembering.”

Jimmy Brown - 14th Apr 2014

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Jem Talbot
Andy Ryder
Production Company
East City Films
Executive Producer
Ashley Cowan
1st AD
Jamie Adams


Director of Photography
Ricky Mundo
Camera Assistant
Mike Simpson


Ben Manwearing


Art Director
David Dickinson


Lead actor
Samara Zwain
Lead actor
Johnny Fairclough


Jem Talbot
Tom Russell
Editing company


Art Department Assistant
Helena Trebar
Production Assistant
Tom Ivens

Jimmy Brown - 14th Apr 2014

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