David Knight - 10th Apr 2014

Jonas K Lord's second video for Maya Jane Cole is as confidently imaginative, sensual and utterly far-out as his first for Comfort.

Inspired by the story of The Prodigal Son and the ritual of baptism among different cultures, a stream of young beauties, male and female, seek solace with a mysterious priestess, with whom they undergo a winter-to-summer transformation and cleanliness.

And it all happens in a laundrette... 


"I was walking by a self-service laundrette and I had a vision of this woman priestess or a 'universal mother' who conducts the processes of coming clean and achieving some sort of ultimate redemption. The models with blood and dirt on their hands and bruises on their bodies come in wearing heavy winter garments. The elaborate winter clothes bear history that the models will then be destroying by washing them.

"What fascinated me about the self-service laundrette was the anonymity of the people using it—anybody can get rid of traces of, in the case of the film, blood without ever being identified. That idea made the place seem somewhat sacred to me where the character of the priestess controls all the elements within that environment (she makes the lights go out and then come back on by just looking at them, and controls the appearance of the cleansing foam).

"The first section of the film is about reconnecting. Here I wanted to focus on the most basic human interactions such as a touch, an embrace, prolonged eye contact, etc. The blood and dirt on their hands say 'Look what I've done. . . will you take me back no matter what?'. The dark section of a film is a 'fleshy' confession of the models' past and present. The final part is about the rejuvenation that comes having shed off all the secrets and pain. Therefore, while casting I wasn't looking for a particular look in people—I was looking for stories in their eyes and faces that would help develop the story. Maya's music helped tie all the elements together and provided the spine for the film.

"Fashion plays a major role in the film—it marks each stage of the ritual and models' journey to coming clean."


DirectorJonas K Lord
ProducerJonas K Lord
Production CompanyJonas K Lord Assoc.
Production ManagerJonas K Lord
Director of PhotographyMarek Mysicka
Focus PullerDarryl Smith
GafferDarryl Smith, Lukas Drbal
Art DirectorJonas K Lord
WardrobeRussell Philip Peek
HairMirka Hajdova
Make-upMichelle Webb, Lea James, Kelsie Rose Hills, Lindsey Jenkins, Markus Glanzer
EditorJames Norris
Editing companyThe White House Post
ColouristDenny Cooper
Grading companyRushes
Post production companyWham Bam Productions
Post ProducerJan Daube
VFXJan Daube, Andrea Dutti, Tassos Vais
CommissionerMaya Jane Coles
Other creditsCAST: Silvia Crastan Ignotas Turskis Aiste Burnyte Raimu Itfum Palma Szalo Brave Benson Dana Mustajarvi Ariel Aronson Viktoria Belany

David Knight - 10th Apr 2014

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