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La Corvette 'The Shipping Forecast' by Matthew Barton

Jimmy Brown - 20th Feb 2014

Matthew Barton and his team brave treacherous conditions in Porthcawl, Wales for this exquisite promo to La Corvette's spiralling instrumental The Shipping Forcast, capturing the essence of the soundtrack magnificently. 

With a very brave performance from male lead Stephen Jay Schumacher dancing amongst the gigantic waves, Barton equally manages to portray the British Seaside in all its grey glory...


"From the outset it was apparent there was a number of contributing factors for the shoot to succeed. With the idea centring round Stephen, the male lead dancing under huge waves we needed the right wind direction, swell, surf and tide to all be in our favour. That said we also needed there to be no casualties.

"After lots of indispensable contact with local surf shop, Porthcawl Surf and superb local photographer Tim Bow, a shoot date was set. We arrived two hours behind schedule due to five fully grown men and ten heavy duty kit boxes weighing our car down to the extent that it was scraping the motorway tarmac at 40mph. On arrival we headed straight towards the pier. The conditions were without doubt the most extreme i've ever shot in. As you can imagine water is flying everywhere, you and the crew are getting soaked and your waiting for a wave to crash in the right position. 

"Marcus the DOP and Henry the camera assistant were like a rock however, totally unfazed. I'd been told by both Tim and the Surf shop that every year someone dies on the pier. It goes against your instinct to stay put when an enormous wall of water is about to crash onto you so huge credit goes to them for getting the footage we needed.

"Stephen was also seemingly unruffled, almost blasé by the situation, there were times however when I was barking at him to be safe, probably for my own peace of mind than anything else". 

Jimmy Brown - 20th Feb 2014


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Matthew Barton


Director of Photography
Marcus Autelli
Camera Assistant
Henry Keep


Art Director




Lead actor
Stephen Jay Schumacher
Lead actor
Suzy Trezise


Francisco Forbes


Alejandro Pedro Armaleo


Set Photographer
Tim Bow
Special Thanks
Luke & Nico @

Jimmy Brown - 20th Feb 2014

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