David Knight - 20th Feb 2014

In Matt Cummins video for KTD's Intimacy Dies, a man lays on a feast for his dearly beloved in an attempt to rekindle the flames of passion.

However, all his best laid plans go astray due to personal differences – and some strange goings-on in the shed at the end of the garden. It's a wacky, and highly enjoyable watch, as demonic invocations take place in the heart of suburbia, all to the blistering sounds of the brothers Goonoo, aka KTD.


DirectorMatt Cummins
ProducerMatt Cummins
EditorMiland Suman
Director of PhotographyGenki McClure
Art DirectorJess Linares
Lead actorEmma Fletcher, Paul Waite
ColouristMiland Suman

David Knight - 20th Feb 2014

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