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Jerome LOL 'Deleted' by Jerome LOL + Friends

Luke Tierney - 17th Feb 2014

Music video is, in our minds, currently the best platform for young creatives. 'Deleted' is an example of this with 67 artists coming together to create one piece including directors Video Marsh and Yoann Lemoine (aka Woodkid).

With no one defined director, Jerome Potter aka Jerome LOL only credits himself as the producer. Taking note from when the internet was just a toddler the graphics are raw, the desktop is 95 and the guy's not even using tabs!

On those rare occasions an artist directs his own promo we always take notice, so we took this opportunity to find out more about Jerome LOL, his affinity for crowd-sourcing, and how the final edit came together. 

LT: You could be described as an artist, producer, DJ or director. How would you describe yourself?

JP: I would describe myself as a musician. The visual work I have done is an extension of the music; the process of working visually is similar to working musically. When you’re editing a video, it’s a very musical process. 

Could you explain the concept of the video for us?

The video is meant to redefine the frame for the viewer. As opposed to just watching a full-frame video on YouTube, the video begins with a desktop and a mouse that opens up the video for you. I wanted the editing to be done through pop up windows as opposed to cuts on the actual screen in order to mimic the “one-shot” process of using your computer. Everyday when you are on your computer it is one long shot. There are no cuts: you rearrange windows, you minimize them, you use different programs, but it is one long “shot.”.

As your previous project shows, LOL Boys - Changes, crowd-sourcing isn't new to you, what is it that attracts you to using it?

There are a few things that attract me to working this way. First, I think it is great to give others the opportunity to create. It’s also really interesting to see the large variety of what people choose to create. I like the idea that I simply become the curator of the project, deciding what goes where and how everything is presented. Music videos, or any moving picture, that are shot on a set is a collaboration of so many different people: the director, the DP, the grips, the PAs, etc. Working digitally like this, however, the collaborators all become creators.

How did you choose which artists to work with on this occasion?

I sent it to a large number of people whose email I had saved in my Gmail contacts. In the prompt, I encouraged forwarding the prompt to people who would potentially be interested. I ended up receiving clips from a large variety of people all with different styles. 

There's a decidedly 90s vibe, what you call web 1.0, did you set a brief to those contributing?

With the “Changes” video I encouraged people to use a camera to record themselves “performing” the song, whether it was singing, playing air trumpet, dancing, etc. With “Deleted,” I really wanted to leave all the direction up to the contributors. This a quote from the initial email I sent out “The clip can be an animation, an iPhone video, a screen recording, ANYTHING.  It can be edited, it can be one shot, it can be multi-media... The subject of the clip can be ANYTHING.” So, if you sense any 90s vibe to the music video, that would be purely because that is what people decided to contribute to the project.  

• Check out Luke Tierney's blog, Word Is Cheap, or his Twitter @wordischeap, for more thoughts on his favourite music videos.

Luke Tierney - 17th Feb 2014


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Jerome Potter

Luke Tierney - 17th Feb 2014

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