Luke Tierney - 4th Feb 2014

Star signs, astronomy, horoscopes, mysticism, divination all wrapped up into one four-minute masterpiece. That's Edouard Salier's superb video for Metronomy's Aquarius. But what does it all mean? Well, luckily we had a chance to chat with Edouard to fill in the gaps, following The Creators Project's insightful behind the scenes video.

LT: This is unlike any previous Metronomy project, how did the project come about?

ES: Metronomy had decided they wanted to do a video in space and so that’s where it all began. It was a very classic production process. I worked in collaboration with Joseph Mount from Metronomy, our production companies Somesuch and Co, Iconoclast and with Lee Groombridge my producer, as well as the rest team  we assembled. We went from storyboards, to working the with the production designer on creating sets and backdrops. Everything was done in the old-school fashion. What we wanted to achieve was a really classic film style so we worked in that classic production process in hopes of having the end product reflect the means by which it was made.

You often utilise CGI to great effect,  what did you like about working with projections and in-camera FX? How keen are you to keep working in this style or are you looking forward to getting back to 3D animation? 

Every time I do a project I try to find new techniques to work with. The projection and in-camera FX really lent themselves to this video and the way Metronomy wanted to work. They didn’t want another CG, 3D, computer animation video. I'm always open to different ways of shooting and will continue to do animation, 3D, and in-camera among other techniques where they works best.  

You mention the cats were a nightmare to work with, has this put you off working with animals again?

It was a nightmare but working with animals always is. We always end up getting what we want which is fun so it hasn’t put me off.
What do the cosmos mean to you personally, are you a believer in their messages? 

I am pretty fascinated with our earthly condition, on this little blue ball in an infinite cosmos. Clearly, it speaks to me. 

Much like star signs each person could interpret this promo differently, is there a definitive storyline in your head?

There is a definite story in my head that I will never share. What’s important to me is that each person comes up with their own interpretation. I am not a narrative dictator. I like that each person form their own story by projecting themselves onto the film. When they say,”Oh I get it, it means this,” I will never tell them they didn’t understand. When you leave it to each person to find meaning, their interpretation becomes as legitimate and personal as your own and I think this leads to the best kind of discussions about film.

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Luke Tierney - 4th Feb 2014

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