David Knight - 28th Nov 2013

Following his competition-winning video for Hammock's Mute Angels, Alex Amoling has now directed the video for a track from the band's new album Oblivion Hymns. And like his work for Mute Angels, Alex's video for I Could Hear The Water At The Edge Of All Things is a powerful, poignant drama to accompany an epic post-rock instrumental. But the setting is rather more down-to-earth. 

Shot in Staten Island, New York, it's the story of an American blue-collar family's struggle in the wake of the father's joblessness. It leads to him turning to crime - and the consequence of that decision is heartbreaking. Indeed, it's oblivion. 

Alex Amoling:

"After Mute Angels was selected, Hammock reached out to me a few weeks later with their new album Oblivion Hymns. In the early stages of the idea, I had become acquainted with a family in Staten Island through my make-up artist. I've always wanted to make a film about a father and son and, after getting to know them, the ideas began to click. I started with a simple logline that sparked Hammock's interest and then followed that up with an eight and half page script.

"Collectively, we wanted to take the video in a dark direction, but also paint a very intimate portrait.  Shooting locally to Staten Island with a real family helped build that intimacy, the relationships, story, and ultimately the plausibility of the circumstance. Towards the end of the video, when we break away from the reality into Oblivion, it becomes that much more powerful because of that.  

"I spent a month building that foundation and then I was let loose in Staten Island.  We filmed over the course of three days, put out the album trailer four days later, and then a week later I delivered the full video."


DirectorAlex Amoling
EditorAlex Amoling
Director of PhotographySharif El Neklawy
Lead actorNick Purpura, Rory Shannon, Jennifer Shannon, Severin Shannon
VFXAlex Amoling
1st ACLucy Bennett

David Knight - 28th Nov 2013

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