David Knight - 18th Nov 2013

Matt Lambert directed this video for Patrick Wolf's The Libertine almost a year ago, and then it sat on the shelf before being premiered last week through Madonna and Steven Klein's 'Art For Freedom' project. 

"We feared it would be a bit controversial, especially with what's going on with the gay struggle in Russia and around the world," says Matt. "However, we felt it was now time!"

This film chronicles the last day of two lovers who are willing to risk everything in order to be free. And it's dedicated to the LGBT community in Russia and around the world.

PRO Credits


DirectorMatt Lambert
ProducerJannis Birsner
EditorTerry Hunynh
Director of PhotographyCezary Zacharewicz
Art DirectorDavid Motta, Larissa Bechtold
Director's RepresentationFriend / White Lodge
CommissionerPatrick Wolf
ColouristGregg Reese
Other creditsSet Design Assistant: Dacen McAmmond, Claire Kurylowski Styling Assistant: Ash Esfarani Post Assistant: Andi Pek

David Knight - 18th Nov 2013

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