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Jarbird 'More Bad Celebrity Poetry' by Crowns & Owls

Jimmy Brown - 18th Nov 2013

Shot over three days on the Red Epic back in January, Yorkshire directing collective Crowns & Owls (newly signed to Colonel Blimp) deliver a very poignant narrative in their low-budget promo for Jarbird's More Bad Celebrity Poetry.

Taking its inspiration in part from a famous Pixar classic, Crowns & Owls showcase a superb performance from actor Frank Ryan, capturing the drama and emotion of the soundtrack to great effect. 

CROWNS & OWLS: "We’d used the lead, Frank Ryan, for a small part in our promo for Toby Gale’s Showdown and had said during that shoot that we’d love to cast him centre stage for something in the future. There’s something endearing about Frank, his face tells you a lot.

"We heard More Bad Celebrity Poetry and cast our minds back to characters we’d worked with. We knew this had to be a narrative piece, and we knew it had to be centered around a protagonist, then Frank popped into our heads and it felt like the video almost wrote itself from there on in.

"We really took our time producing this. The video was created on a sub £2,000 budget so we designed everything along with our normal input. Costume, art direction, locations…it was all taken on by the three of us. We even converted the living room of the house the band live in into our bedroom set, lifting up carpets, sanding floorboards etc.  It had to look the part.

"We shot the video in some beautiful locations surrounded by our closest friends within the Leeds filmmaking hub, it was an amazing experience and the video was a great journey for us. We learned so much from it. It was the first music promo we’ve made where the script largely transfers to the screen without compromise. We couldn’t really ask for anything more from it!"

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Jimmy Brown - 18th Nov 2013


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Crowns & Owls
Crowns & Owls
Production Company
Colonel Blimp
1st AD
Harvey Ascott


Director of Photography
Crowns & Owls
1st AC
Jamie Starke


James Rhodes


Lead actor
Frank Ryan
Lead actor
Mary Booth


Crowns & Owls


Crowns & Owls

Jimmy Brown - 18th Nov 2013

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