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Editors 'Honesty' by Favourite Colour: Black

David Knight - 5th Nov 2013

In the video by Chris Turner, aka Favourite Colour: Black, singing along to Editors' Honesty proves to be catching, on a busy night in Soho...  

Favourite Colour: Black (Chris Turner): "The band wanted a video that would feature Tom, but not performing in an obvious way. They referenced some of my favourite videos such as Unfinished Sympathy and Bittersweet Symphony. It seemed the simplest and most straightforward response was to reverse the two key things people remember about those films, so I suggested following behind Tom and setting the action at night. 

"This approach meant never properly seeing Tom's face in the film - and this became key to the concept: the song is titled 'Honesty', yet Tom never makes eye contact with us as an audience. We only see the people he encounters on his journey, and how eye contact with him immediately changes their demeanour. 

"It seemed a simple enough idea, but the band's availability and other production considerations meant that we ended up shooting the video in Soho on a warm, busy Friday night. Not ideal circumstances with unintentional drunken 'extras' crashing every other shot, streets so packed I continually lost track of who was crew, real police suspiciously watching our fake policeman arrest our hen. 

"Even though Tom and the actors did a great job, worked hard and stayed alert into the early hours of the morning, we had to call it a day after we shot the smoking remains of an Audi at 5am and the cold was creeping in and the smell of Soho at dawn was beginning to become overpowering.”

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David Knight - 5th Nov 2013


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Favourite Colour: Black
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Director of Photography
Jason Berman


Mark Whelan
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Matt Turner
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Absolute Post


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David Knight - 5th Nov 2013

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