Jimmy Brown - 31st Oct 2013

The trio that is R.A.P. – RUFFMERCY, Aaronisnotcool and Pace Rivers – deliver some underground rawness in the form of their promo for Sauce McKinley's Journey Of My Drive.

Aaron and Pace shot and edited the footage, shot in NYC, establishing the relaxed street vibe that complements the track so well. Then RUFFMERCY goes to work with his highly distinctive overlayed animation, as seen in recent vids for Danny Brown and others, to great effect...


DirectorR.A.P (Ruffmercy, Aaronisnotcool, Pace Rivers)
EditorPace Rivers
Director of PhotographyAaronisnotcool
Director of PhotographyPace Rivers
Production CompanyR.A.P.
Art DirectorR.A.P.
LabelSauce Mckinley

Jimmy Brown - 31st Oct 2013

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