David Knight - 15th Oct 2013

In Andrew R Blackman's video for The mOOnbird's Olaf, fragmented vignettes of nightlife are intercut to create a film about loneliness and a weird zeitgeist. 

In an open late laundromat, a girl stares so intensely at a tumble dryer that her nose bleeds. In a dive bar, an aging transvestite smokes cigarettes contemplatively before dancing with the juke box. In a speeding sports car, a girl rides shotgun & an emotional roller coaster, while the guy behind the wheel remains oblivious to her. In the club, the empty eyes of a seducer scan the crowd, until they catch those of a nameless younger woman. And a character with no eyes tries to navigate the world blind to him. 


DirectorAndrew R. Blackman
ProducerRikke Tambo Andersen
EditorSebastian Birk
Director of PhotographyBalthazar Hertel
Production CompanyNORTH WARD
Lead actorNanna Voss, Ricko Lynge Olsen, Jonatan Bengta, Byron Mildwater, Luise Skov, Malene Søbo Andreasen
Lead actorAmand Bjerre Petersen.
Director's RepresentationIndependent
ColouristSandra Klass
VFXJames Johnston
LabelGerm Label
Other creditsImage Of The MOOnbird inspired By This Is Viking Album Cover Art By Asger Carlsen.

David Knight - 15th Oct 2013

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