Ella Morter - 14th Oct 2013

The ethereal soundscape of Midnight Davis's In The Mood For Love gets a hypnotic, and richly-photographed treatment by Richard Hunter - Tarantino meets David Lynch as following a bravura 90-second opening tracking shot, a girl dances in front of a man in a rubber mask, tied to a chair. And then things start to get a bit psychedelic...   

Richard Hunter: "With almost a zero budget I was able to make a video with some reasonably high production values. This success was due to the help of the amazing crew and the brilliant Bart Sienkiewicz who worked perfectly with [steadicam operator] Matteo Cosorich to get the opening shot in a handful of takes in the space of fifteen minutes. 

"It was tense due to the fact we needed to get our dancer, Carli Trigg, on a train within 10 minutes. But we did get the shot and we got Carli on the train home to Manchester. What a happy ending.

"Midnight's Music is pretty atmospheric and I instantly wanted to collaborate with him, as I am dying to homage/rip off David Lynch, any chance I get. With Midnight's music it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Next time I'll put some owls and some logs in there."


DirectorRichard Hunter
ProducerAlex Leach
ProducerKate Wilson
EditorRichard Hunter
Director of PhotographyBart Sienkiewicz
Production CompanyArt War Entertainment
Art DirectorPhillip Bassett
Lead actorCarly Trigg
Director's RepresentationAsylum Films
ColouristGilbert Crockett
VFXDominic Burgess
LabelFive Easy Pieces
Focus PullerDavid Pulgarin
SteadicamMatteo Cosorich
GafferDominik Palagan
SparkJan Vanceau
Hair & Make-upRuth Pease
WardrobeKaren Anderson
RunnerRyan Delahunty

Ella Morter - 14th Oct 2013

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