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M83 'Moonchild' by Richard Paris Wilson

David Knight - 10th Oct 2013

Unsigned director Richard Paris Wilson's unofficial video for M83's Moonchild – it was a finalist in a competition on, and also nominated for Genero's Video of the Year 2013 – turns expectations on its head, when an astronaut comes to earth and strikes up a friendship with a young girl he meets on the beach. When they are endangered by a extravagant trio of evildoers, the purpose of the space traveller's visit becomes clear. 

With its excellent use of the Kent seaside location, and larger than life characters, this is an impressively cinematic video - crewed in large part by teenagers from Richard's summer workshop class. 

Richard Paris Wilson: "I made the video with a group of 14/15 year olds from a summer media workshop I run in South London. We had them helping on everything - planning the shoot, camera assisting, art direction, etc. Kids are the greatest crew members you could ever ask for - their endlessly creative and incredibly enthusiastic. 

"We also had a couple of very talented professionals - including DOP James Westbrook and editor Riccardo Servini - to ensure the end result was something we could all be proud of. It was a fantastic experience, and proof that with lots of creativity and good planning you can overcome a tiny budget."

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David Knight - 10th Oct 2013


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Richard Paris Wilson
Production Company
We Are Cowboys


Director of Photography
James Westbrook


Riccardo Servini




Other credits


Laura Barham


Lianna Weidle

Second AD

Ross Aylard

Camera Assistant

Ollie Paxton

Art Direction

Henri Calderon

Location Manager

Mark Richardson

Production Assistant

Sam Marino

Production Assistant

Amy Davis

Behind The Scenes Photos

Pierro Pozella

Director's Representation

Not currently represented

Special Thanks

Jack Hobbs, Bryan Martin, Alex Kyrou And Lilly Sells

This Video Wouldn't Have Been Possible Without Help From

Lynda Asby, Mitra McCarthy And Brian Stewart.

David Knight - 10th Oct 2013

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