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Pixies 'Indie Cindy' by LAMAR+NIK

Jimmy Brown - 5th Sept 2013

Following their video for Bagboy, LAMAR+NIK join forces with Pixies once again for this intriguing promo to Indie Cindy a track from their EP 1.

The Oklahoma duo spin a gripping, noirish yarn of a love triangle gone wrong - played out in reverse, forward motion and peppered with some lo-fi VHS FX. And like Bagboy, no appearance from the legendary band...

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LAMAR + NIK: "The story is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Often when someone is in one of those relationships they tend to play it off as if nothing is wrong. Possibly in the mindset of “He loves me, he just gets a little rough sometimes.” So the first half is from Cindy’s perspective. After a night out, she takes her drunk boyfriend to a hotel. While she’s in the shower he’s murdered and then she gets kidnapped.

"The second half is our Hooded Man’s perspective as well as what really happened. Their plan is to knock out her boyfriend and skip town to escape him all together. When the plan goes wrong, the Hooded Man ends up killing the boyfriend in order to save himself.”

Jimmy Brown - 5th Sept 2013


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Director of Photography
Spenser Sakurai
1st AC
John Dewbury


Cole Rachal
Cole Rachal


Lead actor
Emily Matthews
Lead actor
Mark Johns
Lead actor
Miles Kolliopoulos


Rich Jones

Jimmy Brown - 5th Sept 2013

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