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Cult Of Luna 'Passing Through' by Markus Lundqvist

David Knight - 4th Sept 2013

VFX artist-turned-director Markus Lundquist follows up his rollicking vid for Senses Fail's Between The Mountains And The Sea with this intriguing and very creepy piece for Swedish post-metal band Cult Of Luna's Passing Through (the final track on their latest album Vertikal).

This was filmed at the Säter mental hospital in Sweden – closed since the '60s, but where at one time the mentally ill were routinely castrated and lobotomized – and shows a young girl roaming the abandoned, decrepit halls and seeing the frozen statues of her family.

Cult of Luna guitarist Fredrik Kihlberg says: “When we decided to start writing a new COL album and talked about which direction we wanted to go, this was actually the first idea that came to my head. I had this phrase – time is passing me by – in my head, going on repeat, and I thought and I should try to make something out of it. It’s a simple phrase but at the same time a powerful and overwhelming feeling. We wanted this to be a beautiful but at the same time intimidating song.”

And indeed, thanks to Markus's chilling video, that sense of menace never fades...

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David Knight - 4th Sept 2013

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Markus Lundqvist
Teza Holmberg
Production Company
Miss Harry


Director of Photography
Ari Willey


Art Director
Fritjof Granström


Nathan Perry-Greene


Director's Representation
Miss Harry / Sweden


Wayne Pighini
Density Records

David Knight - 4th Sept 2013

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