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Pinkunoizu 'Moped' by Ewan Jones Morris

David Knight - 7th Aug 2013

This video for Pinkunoizu's Moped by Ewan Jones Morris is about stuff. Lots of stuff. With people doing lots of different stuff to that stuff. And they're doing it in a completely random yet strangely ordered way.

The result is a hypnotic exercise of inventive play with household objects, and particularly good use of a watermelon and plunger. As Ewan explains below, it was inspired by the work of Japanese artist Koki Tanaka, and it's very enjoyable indeed. And he made his local hardware store owner very happy. It also follows his splendid cookery-themed video-trailer for the new Pinkunoizu album The Drop.  

As usual the South Wales-based director has been busy. He and regular directing partner Casey Raymond have also been busy recently making a film with artist Bedwyr Williams, which is now rocking the Wales Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2013. Check out two minutes of their 18 minute film here

Ewan Jones Morris: "I've long been fascinated by the work of a Japanese artist Koki Tanaka - he's great, people should look him up. For me he takes mundane stuff and makes it look alien. For ages I've wanted to do something in the same vein and hopefully it's a continuation or homage and I don't retread too much of the same territory. 

"Pinkunoizu's "Moped" seemed just right for that sideways satisfaction you get from picking up a water melon with a toilet plunger. If you don't know that feeling you should go looking for it. 

"I made the owner of Bargain Basement's week when I went shopping for props. Then me and some friends locked ourselves in an office for three days and this is the result." 

David Knight - 7th Aug 2013


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David Knight - 7th Aug 2013

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