David Knight - 30th July 2013

Life is a warzone in David Garcia's video for Zar's Smile featuring Farai - when riot police attack an urban community.

The song and the video - which was shot in London and Birmingham – touch upon a subject very close to the rapper, as David explains below.

David Garcia: "I wanted to create a world that reflects what the artist has gone through in the last year and what the song is about. Mainly, the tragic murder of Zar's brother Michael and the death of his best friend, Joel, soon after. In the song Zar reflects about the meaning of this and talks directly to God about his attitude towards life from that point.

"The young kid in the video is played by Zar's youngest brother in real life, Francis. As the song's meaning is so close to the rapper, I strongly felt that having this element of realism during the filming would make the overall product a more touching and meaningful one to Zar and to audiences"

"At the same time I didn't want to just recreate the events narrated in the song literally but instead come up with a different story that would still compliment the lyrics and at the same time acknowledge other issues that are relevant in today's news; things like riots taking place all over the world or the case of Trayvon Martin who the artist felt closely connected to due to its similarity with his brother's case."


DirectorDavid Garcia
Production Company10 Feet Tall
Director of PhotographyJosh Cowdry
Camera operatorTom McMahon
Camera operatorToby Bennett
1st ADThomas Bolton
LabelDirty Land TV
EditorSteve Bollschweiler
ColouristSteve Bollschweiler
Post production company10 Feet Tall

David Knight - 30th July 2013

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