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Panic! At The Disco ft Lolo 'Miss Jackson' by Jordan Bahat

Jimmy Brown - 19th July 2013

Driven by a brilliant performance from Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie, Jordan Bahat's promo for the Nevada trio's Miss Jackson finds Urie obsessed by the love for a woman who is hard to pin down.

We see the singer frantically driving his car through the streets of Vegas in search of Miss Jackson - played by actress Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock - culminating in a very gruesome climax...

As Jordan writes in his Director's Notes below, "I may be wrong, but I'm guessing this was the first time she's been fully decapitated."

Jordan Bahat:

"Brendon wanted to make a video that was in some way referential to Las Vegas, but we agreed it should be the sort of forgotten, hard-luck parts of town where the emptiness of the environments at night become very eery. Who knows if we succeeded but we took a lot of inspiration from William Eggleston photos and a few by Guy Bourdin. We wanted the video to show a real visual clash between things that are elegant and things that are seedy, grimy, filthy… just like Vegas, really. 

"The band embrace the theatrical in such a great way - we aimed to shoot a video that was as much a film as it was a performance piece. We crafted this character that Brendon would play in the video. This tweaky, narcissistic version of himself, always checking himself out, making sure every hair is in place, but in a repetitious and ultimately discomforting way. It's nothing like Brendon in real life - he's a very funny and kind guy, but he's a real performer so it was exciting to work with him very much as an actor. 

"I wanted this surreal journey to live somewhere between a dream and reality - as it leads us towards the ceremony with the witch played by Katrina. She knew the band through her husband, and we were all pretty excited that she decided to come aboard. I may be wrong, but I'm guessing this was the first time she's been fully decapitated."

Jimmy Brown - 19th July 2013


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Candice Brittain
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Isaac Rice

Jimmy Brown - 19th July 2013

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