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Dirty Beaches 'I Dream In Neon' by Michael Lawrence

Sam Hill - 8th July 2013

Michael Lawrence and his DoP Björn Knechtel turn on the red-light for this video for Alex Zhang Hungtai, aka Canadian producer Dirty Beaches, plunging Alex into a long, long night of girls, bars and endless cigarettes for I Dream Of Neon. 

Shot in hazy, staggered shots, the video was filmed in a variety of atmosphere locations in Hamburg and Berlin.  The shots and camera work are spot on and the drifting focus and fuzzy lighting add an interesting ambience.

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Sam Hill - 8th July 2013


  • Dirty Beaches
  • I Dream In Neon
  • Michael Lawrence
  • Bears Calling

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Michael Lawrence
Production Company
Bears Calling
Executive Producer
Anna Honerlagen


Director of Photography
Björn Knechtel
1st AC
Max Zaher

Sam Hill - 8th July 2013

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