Jimmy Brown - 2nd July 2013

Robert Wallace mixes puppetry, stop-motion, compositing and animation in this very cute promo for Shine On by New Zealand singer Ladi6.

Translating Ladi6's lyrics of love, devotion and references to old sci-fi movies, Robert creates a universe populated by 'hopeful beings' and exotic landscapes, driven by an odd yet touching narrative. 


DirectorRobert Wallace
Production CompanyNice & Polite
EditorRobert Wallace
AnimatorRobert Wallace
Director of PhotographySimon Godsiff
Art DirectorSimon Godsiff
Art DirectorRoxana McIntyre
Art DirectorEmily Macrae
Art DirectorRobert Wallace
Art Department AssistantLucy Taggart
Art Department AssistantCalvin Humby
Art Department AssistantHazel Davies
Art Department AssistantBen Draper
Art Department AssistantJulian Schloemer

Jimmy Brown - 2nd July 2013

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