David Knight - 28th June 2013

The return of the mighty Pixies with Bagboy unleashes a video by LA-based duo LAMAR+NIK about a young lad with a extremely well-developed appetite for destruction - involving smoke bombs, milk, balloons, and a whole lot of teenage attitude. Like the track, it's unrelenting - and very enjoyable. 

Sure wouldn't want to be that kid when his mom gets home... 

Lamar + Nik:

"Working on this video was really interesting because it was kept so tightly under wraps. We weren't allowed to talk about it at all up until now. We were only two of ten people to have heard the song in world.

"Growing up we listened to the Pixies and getting this opportunity was really huge for us. From talking with Richard [Pixies Manager] they wanted something chaotic so we chose to use the wild imagination of a child.

"What you see is more or less things we've though about doing ourselves, but never had a reason to, until now.


Director of PhotographySpenser Sakurai
CommissionerRich Jones

David Knight - 28th June 2013

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