Promo News - 11th June 2013

Tom Walsh swaps the sci-fi trappings and special effects of his last video for something a little more homespun for folk-rockers We Show Up On Radar – his third for the group.

The immortal and welcome influence of Jim Henson puppetry is apparent here as a group of forest dwelling oddities put in a grand performance, replacing the one-man band of producer Andy Wright. Tom Walsh and crew have aptly captured the naive and forlorn sadness found in so many iconic puppets.

Says Tom: “The initial reference was Kermit The Frog singing ‘Being Green’ on The Muppet Show. But in fact the main inspiration for the video came from Jim Henson’s puppet epic, The Dark Crystal. That film pushed so many boundaries at the time, and had such a big impact on me as a child that I wanted to make something that paid homage to it in some way. So our initial design reference was the Podling characters.”

Well, we’re always happy to see Kermit’s influence on the music video world.


DirectorTom Walsh
Production CompanyPolymath Pictures
Production designerAmy Nicholson
Director of PhotographyNeil Johnson
Gaffer Cullum Ross
VFXNicolas Pylypiuk
VFXTom Walsh
Camera operatorChris Wetton
StudioAdam Davies
Set designCharlotte Ball
Set designSophie Wheat
PuppeteerAmy Nicholson
PuppeteerElse Bua
PuppeteerInma Cook
PuppeteerEmma Terrell
PuppeteerSophie Wheat
PuppeteerEmily Croxford
Production AssistantDavid Buckell
RunnerAdam Wiklo
RunnerKathryn Smith
Other creditsPuppet design and construction: Inma Cook and Emma Terrell

Promo News - 11th June 2013

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