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Waylayers 'SOS' by Alexander Brown

Jimmy Brown - 6th June 2013

Alexander Brown delivers this highly atmospheric, driving and tasteful video for Waylayers' SOS that captures night-time London in a cool and original way.

Alexander harnesses the sweet electronic atmospherics within the soundtrack - powered by beautiful work from DP Sam Care. Alexander says: "When the band approached me to do a follow up video to Magnets I was immediately taken by SOS and its driving rhythm. I had the idea of trying to make something as epic and cinematic as films like Drive that manage to conjure up a retrospective vision of the present, creating a world of gearboxes and the city's neon-lit underbelly.

"I knew from the beginning we were never going to be able to shoot in LA, but I always enjoy the challenge of trying to make the UK more epic. It's always a challenge shooting London in a way that doesn't look too provincial or something we've all seen before.  

"With a customised truck, hand finished costumes, about a million locations and an incredible crew pulling together over a bank holiday weekend, we really threw everything at this one. 

"I think it's a real achievement of teamwork and willpower so its amazing it came out this well. So thank you to everyone involved!"


Jimmy Brown - 6th June 2013


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Alexander Brown
Gail Mosley
Production Company
Nice & Polite


Director of Photography
Sam Care


Art Director
Jayne O'Hanlon


Mark Whelan
Editing company


Steve Gatti

Jimmy Brown - 6th June 2013

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