Sam Hill - 28th Mar 2013

So here's something different: Twitter's video platform 'Vine' has been adapted into a constantly morphing online music video - Vinetune - with wondrously eclectic results.

After meeting at a London ad agency, Peter Browse, Joe Koprowski and Caleb Al-Jorani teamed up with new Welsh band Master in France to create a music video for their single 'Flexin', but ventured into unknown territory to create something truly flexable - Vinetune.

Vine, which allows Twitter users to share short-form films in a looping gif-style, has really kicked off in it's few short months online. Vinetune syncs the lyrical content to Vines uploaded with specific trigger hastags. What we get is a constantly changing montage of the public's films. Warning, as you may have heard some Vine content is a little NSFW...

"Tech wise we built the site to scan twitter and vine every time the page is clicked. The site then imports the very latest films, in realtime, then matches them to an edit point or lyric in the song," said Joe.

"The video has been mutating for around a week now; in that time we have peered into a world of skiping horses, men banging drums in make up, flexing frat boys, we've visited basketball games, dance competitions, fashion shows and watched a stand up comic."

Directed and built by Peter Browse, Joe Koprowski and Caleb Al-Jorani
DoP: The Entire Vine Community
Watch here

Watch 'Master in France 'Flexin' on Vinetune (by Peter Browse, Joe Koprowski and Caleb Al-Jorani)' here


Director of PhotographyThe Entire Vine Community

Sam Hill - 28th Mar 2013

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