Sam Hill - 28th Mar 2013

Influenced by the characters he animated on an Amiga as a kid, Tom Jackson (from digital agency RamJam) has put together a noir animation featuring gangsters, dirty cops and a little bit of magic - all with a pleasantly distinctive style. Tom's dark high-contrast cityscapes are deeply atmospheric and his characters suitably enigmatic or suspicious as we follow a faceless kid on his way to clean up the town...

"It was always going to have a black and white look to it but it evolved during production from extremely contrasting black and white imagery with a touch of red to the more blue-grey hues incorporated now," says Tom. "Once I looked at it again I wanted to change some of the parts in the second half - we had the hoody character walk through and stab the kingpin during a commotion, but I thought it was too heavy handed and I wasn't sure who I was siding with. I changed that to make him more mysterious and magical and also incorporated some dodgy cops instead of other thugs as it fit better with the lyrics and feel of the second half."


DirectorTom Jackson
Production CompanyRamJam

Sam Hill - 28th Mar 2013

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