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Nadine Shah 'Dreary Town' by Matthew Barton

Sam Hill - 12th Mar 2013

Matthew explains that a close connection to the singer allowed him to explore a very personal depiction of the song's narrative: "Nadine and I have known each other since school days. Although I had intended for the piece to be a re-enactment of the song I wasn't prepared for the many similarities that would occur between the film and the song's real life episode. The location used was Nadine's brother's, karim. The song was in fact written about a past relationship that played out in his house three years earlier.

"Our male lead, Gareth Murphy whose performance was pivotal in the piece, confessed to similar mental difficulties that had plagued Nadine's partner at the time. I've always been interested in where fiction meets documentary, this piece served to stoke the fire even further."

Sam Hill - 12th Mar 2013


  • Narrative

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Matthew Barton


Director of Photography
Marcus Autelli
Focus Puller
Matthew Robinson


Art Director
Aristotelis Maragkos


Elin Evans
Alexia Dolman


Special Thanks
Karim Shah

Sam Hill - 12th Mar 2013

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