Sam Hill - 6th Feb 2013

Edward Housden lands a cosmonaut on the snowy plains of Britain, where he enjoys a frolic in the winter weather, before promptly going a little mad, seeing some psychedelic visions and collapsing in the snow. Perfectly in tune with Gentlemen's 'Sailor (Of the Cosmic Ark). The spaceman's role treads a nice line between endearingly quirky and sinister madness and Edward's kaleidoscopic hazes are nicely done.

Edward says: "It was shot in the UK on the first day of real snow this year. There has only been a very small snowy window of opportunity this winter so far, so I'm glad we got it. I had continued to push the shoot date back as much as possible in the hope of getting some snowflakes. Thankfully it did snow, but it did squeeze the turnaround time, and our cosmonaut almost got frostbite!"


Director's RepresentationIndependent

Sam Hill - 6th Feb 2013

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