David Knight - 25th Jan 2013

Cyriak is back with another mind-bending masterpiece of animation - this time using prosaic mid-20th century stock footage as his raw material for After Effects supermanipulation - for Cirrus, the first single from Bonobo's new album The North Borders, which comes out in April. And Ninja Tune have had to sit on this beauty for a year.

Cyriak was asked to pitch on a track from Bonobo's Black Sands remix album released early last year, and then Bonobo unexpectedly dropped the demo of Cirrus at the label.

"An exciting moment for all at the label as you can imagine," says Ninja Tune's Martin Dobson. "I took a chance and sent the demo to Cyriak and he loved it. Over the next couple of weeks he produced, in my opinion, his best music video for us or anyone else for that matter.

"The only issue was that we were nowhere near the release of the album or even a single. Next came a mouth-watering year of sitting on this masterpiece on my hard drive not being able to show anyone, waiting for the rest of the album to be completed and the Cirrus single release schedule to be organised. About a month ago we were delivered the final master version and Cyriak updated the audio and delivered the final video."


CommissionerMartin Dobson
LabelNinja Tune

David Knight - 25th Jan 2013

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