Sam Hill - 13th Dec 2012

Bewitched Hands 'The Law of Walls' by Valentin AdamBewitched Hands 'The Law of Walls' by Valentin Adam2Valentin Adam injects a dash of Barbarella, a pinch of The Clangers and a sprinkling of French surrealism into this wonderful oddity for The Bewitched Hands. Strong retro visual style is the flavour of the day and it's got a suitable mad narrative to accompany it. The lovely art direction comes not only from Valentin (an art director and graphic designer as well as a director, who opened his own studio Playground Paris in 2012), but also from the band themselves. The Bewitched Hands (Savoir Faire / Sony Music) Director: Valentin Adam (Playground Paris) Production: Henry de Czar Producer: Amandine Le Drappier DOP: Pierre Edelmann Art direction: Playground Paris & The Bewitched Hands


DirectorValentin Adam (Playground Paris)
ProducerAmandine Le Drappier
Director of PhotographyPierre Edelmann

Sam Hill - 13th Dec 2012

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