Jimmy Brown - 11th Dec 2012

Villagers singer Conor O'Brien shadows a middle-aged man as he goes about his lonely, humdrum life in Alden Volney's poignant promo for Nothing Arrived. With props to Anna Mould for her art direction, Volney portrays the man (played by Adam Cole) as the saddest soul alive as he gets out of bed, shaves, goes to work, has a tragic time at the office party then sets off for home again. All very hopeless. Then he wins the lottery... 

PRO Credits


ProducerGeoff Morgan
Director of PhotographyNic Booth
Art DirectorAnna Mould
StylistAngharrad Merry
CommissionerJohn Moule
DirectorAlden Volney
EditorAlden Volney

Jimmy Brown - 11th Dec 2012

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