Sam Hill - 10th Dec 2012

Finding Christmas time a little to much? Well, it could be worse...much worse! Luke Snellin brings a little Christmas Time (of the Dead) to the season's festivities, soundtracked by Emmy The Great and Time Wheeler's latest Christmas collab 'Zombie Christmas'. Playing off some classic zombie film clichés (shopping centre anyone?) and adding some top-notch Brit-com humour, Luke's definitely made a winner. Some notable moments include Tim Wheeler embedding half his Flying-V into a Zombie's shoulder, undead Santa and the arrival of a gang of courageous zombie 'sleighing' festive friends. It's as comforting as a cup of cocoa, but with more zombies. Looking forward to Luke's upcoming feature debut 'The Wanderers' which is a "non-conventional Brit pop teen musical" with music by Emmy, Tim and Blur's Graham Coxon. "It was a lot of festive/undead fun which overcame a challenging budget," says Luke about Zombie Christmas. "I worked with actors I'd used on a variety of projects before like Ben Dilloway, Bill Milner (Son of Rambow, X-Men: First Class) and David Fynn (Game of Thrones, Pete Vs Life) and some new ones like Robert Emms (War Horse, Mirror Mirror, Kick Ass 2) and Sarah Sweeney. All an absolute pleasure to work with. "I ended up writing a really ambitious film script with dialogue scenes and other bits which then got compressed and tightened into what the video is now in order to make things achievable. We shot in an old abandoned mall in Colindale which had no power, running water or heating but it was a really cosy and festive shoot and I want to thank everyone that came down and got their zombie on and to the label for being so cool with everything!" Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler Zombie Christmas Writer/Director: Luke Snellin Producer: Luke Snellin Co-Producer: Chris Cable Co-Producer: Cole Paviour Director of Photography: Ollie Downey Focus Puller: Turbo Gaffer: Theo Milford Camera Assistant: Tom Goudsmit 1st AD: Mark McPadden Production Designer: Beck Rainford Art Director; Anne Gry Skovdal Standby Art Director: Lynne Morris Set Dresser: Bill Milner Art Department Assistant: Carmen De Lemos Costume Designer: Georgina Napier Film Editor: Johnny Rayner Colourist: Edwin Metternich SFX Supervisor: John Schoonraad SFX Make Up Designer: Catherine Mednick Artist Make Up: Paola Recabarren Key SFX Makeup & SFX Technician: Emily Eccles Key SFX Makeup & Stand by Makeup: Holly Judd & Holly Sermon Key SFX Makeup: David Brown SFX Makeup: Ying Adam SFX Makeup: Stephanie Bentham Trainee SFX Makeup: Alex Hearn Props Supervisor: Jon Bayliss Props Finisher: Lauren Curran SFX Crew: Max Schoonraad Stills Photographer: Leonie Ellis 2nd Unit Director of Photography: Simon Paul 2nd Unit Focus Puller: Christophe Leignel 2nd Unit Gaffer: John Wenman 2nd Unit Camera Assistant: Johnathan Boyd


DirectorLuke Snellin
Director of PhotographyOllie Downey
Focus PullerTurbo
GafferTheo Milford
Camera operatorTom Goudsmit
1st ADMark McPadden
Production designerBeck Rainford
StylistGeorgina Napier
ColouristEdwin Metternich

Sam Hill - 10th Dec 2012

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