David Knight - 26th Oct 2012

After his amazing jelly beans video for Kina Grannis's In Your Arms, another marvellous live action/stop motion animation by Greg Jardin - this time for Joey Ramone's New York City, featuring the city and its inhabitants, including musicians, comedians and other New York celebs - plus a few faces from the NYC punk scene.

Greg - a huge Ramones fan - was given the chance to direct a video for the first single from Joey Ramone's second posthumously released solo album, and it was an opportunity he could not pass up, in spite of the numerous challenges, including financial. The idea was key - it uses lots of New Yorkers and the city itself in a irresistable rhythm - each face on screen, turning into the next person, while the camera advances through numerous New York streets through at least three boroughs...

Shot in the height of the sweltering summer, it took three weeks, over a 100 cameos - including a fair number of famous faces, who gave up 30 minutes or so of their time as Greg's camera hopped around several miles of the city. These include bandmate Tommy Ramone, brother Mickey Leigh, celeb chef Anthony Bourdain, comedians Kristin Schaal and Reggie Watts, and musicians Andrew WK and Matt and Kim.

Importantly everyone gets the same time than anyone else (apart from Joey's brother Mickey, who starts and ends the journey). This is absolutely right for the spirit of the song - everyone is in it together.

? Greg also made a video commentary, for Video Static, which goes through the cast in the video and explains the technique.



DirectorGreg Jardin
ProducerJessica Roulston
Production CompanyRadical Media
Art DirectorNash Dunnigan
Executive ProducerJennifer He
Production AssistantHarrison Heller, Jennifer Hou, Hope Marquardt, Adam Muhlbaum, Lisa Occhino
PostProduction Assitants

David Knight - 26th Oct 2012

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