David Knight - 19th Oct 2012

The triumphant return by Kevin Rowland and his band - now called Dexy's - with an album and brilliant live show that casts Rowland as the sharp-suited lothario unable to commit, is now captured in its full glory in Paul Barulis's video for Incapable Of Love.

It's a stylish, 1940s-style production that sets the tone for the unapologetically self-centred Rowland to face the onslaught of his girlfriend's considerable ire - she's superbly played by the New Zealand actress and singer Madeleine Hyland. As the video shows, Kevin's charisma and voice are still a force to be reckoned with - and Paul Barulis says: "Keep your eyes peeled for a second instalment coming soon!"


DirectorPaul Barulis
ProducerDavid Wielder
Production CompanyLoveH
Director of PhotographyDennis Madden
Focus PullerOleg Poupko
Production AssistantFrankie Chambers
1st ADDan Gibling
Art DirectorTim Gibson
StylistAlex Day

David Knight - 19th Oct 2012

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