David Knight - 21st Sept 2012

Jon Spencer finds the perfect person to visually interpret the raw blues-rock power of his Blues Explosion's new single Black Mold - from the brand new album Meat and Bone. It's Toon Aerts, of course.

It's about two sleazy guys, who come across a flying saucer in the woods - from which one of them contracts a very nasty, and probably terminal case of Black Mold. Carrying on the unbeatable combination of action, horror, efective FX and lashings of black (mold) comedy - its what Toon has done to great effect previously with The Sore Losers. Again, Evil Dead is an influence for Black Mold, but it's also a bit more Lynchian-dark too... Toon was interviewed by Jon's friend, New York-based writer Mike Edison, about the making of the video, and told him:

"We shot it in Wallonië in the southern part of Belgium. Originally we wanted to crash a flying saucer into a western town, and were thinking of doing it in Spain, where a lot of Spaghetti Westerns were shot, but we couldn't really get a crew there. That's when I came up with the idea to do it in the woods. A lot of horror films are in the woods, The Evil Dead reference was there right away, so I found this place and the owners were happy to work with us.

"It really wasn't as cool as it looks - we had to take out all of their furniture and put in a new set. It was a lot of work. We experimented a lot with the black mold effect. Saskia Verreycken, the SFX person, has a special machine to put fur on humans. She is famous in Belgium for doing make up and effects for movies and TV -- when anyone is getting shot or bleeding, she is there!
"The guy that gets infected is Andreas Perschewski, he's a German actor living in Brussels, and he just has this face that kind of sticks in your mind. He was just the perfect man for the job, and he suffered a lot for his art, covered in all that black silicon gel! The role of his brother is played by Igor Paszkiewicz, a dancer and musician and a good friend of mine. He also has such a remarkable appearance. The two of them were just perfect for that deep woods vibe."



DirectorToon Aerts
Production CompanyCzar
Post ProducerIsaac Gozin
ColouristJoost Vandekerckhove
Make-upSaskia Verreycken
Executive ProducerEurydice Gysel
Line ProducerNele Carlier
CastAndreas Perschewski, Igor Paszkiewicz, Xavier Benoit & The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

David Knight - 21st Sept 2012

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