David Knight - 31st Aug 2012

Tim Saccenti's video for Yeasayer's Longevity is a straightforward performance video with a difference. It appears to last nearly a lifetime...

Yeasayer lay down Longevity in their recording studio with Tim cameoing as their producer himself. But singer Chris Keating undergoes a remarkable transformation during the performance, thanks to a beautifully calibrated mixture of in-camera and post effects work.

"It's actually a combo of makeup, prosthetics, a real skull, a 3D skull, an amazing tracking an post team and a ton of flame," Tim explains. "We were trying to keep it as practical as possible, nearly comedic in a way, which is much harder than you'd think!"


DirectorTimothy Saccenti
Executive ProducerJennifer He
Production CompanyRadical Media
ProducerGaren Barsegian
Director of PhotographyIvan Abel
Production designerStephanie Barkley
EditorRyan Mckenna

David Knight - 31st Aug 2012

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