Jimmy Brown - 21st Aug 2012

Taken from his forthcoming Wildcard EP, Random Imulse - aka Jovel Walker - hooks up with Nate Camponi for the promo to I Don't Really Care. Jovel's world is spiced-up by his super powers-owning girlfriend who is giving him a bit of a hard time...

"Jovel was loads of fun to work with - he's a big personality and a brilliant performer so it made total sense for him to deliver the track to the viewer like he was telling us a story" explains Nate. "It takes someone really comfortable in front of the camera to make those performances believable and interesting and I think he did a fantastic job.

"I thought it would be funny to make a video that was more about the annoying, petty things a girl could do with her super powers rather than big, crazy visual effects. She'd could just make your life hell to amuse herself, and you'd be powerless to stop it. Of course, she zaps him into oblivion at the end of it...

"The video had a challenging budget, but this only made us think more creatively, especially with the effects, most of which were done in-camera with little bits of trickery in After Effects. It was down to Jovel and Kristie, who did a great job playing his SuperGirlfriend to sell those effects with their performances. They both stepped up to the mark and smashed it.

"We had loads of fun coming up with the different ways of torturing him with her powers - Jovel wanted to play the guitar in the video, because so many people don't realise he's a musician as well as a rapper, so I thought it would be funny to have her tear it in half.

"All the crew worked super hard and the speed and pressure in which we had to work only helped us give the video the raw energy it has."


PRO Credits


Production CompanyChief Productions
1st ADChris Caddy
ProducerJessica Wretham
Production ManagerNick Crossley
Executive ProducerColin Offland
OfflineIan McLaughlin
ColouristKarin Bosche
RunnerMike Higson
CommissionerJohn Moule
OfflineKarin Bosche

Jimmy Brown - 21st Aug 2012

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